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Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

Gifts for ALL

The Perfectly Paisley Christmas Collection will be sure to catch your eye! With the Christmas burgundy and green colour combinations, the intricate detailing and heartfelt sentiment, Perfect Paisley is the perfect Christmas gift! Whether a beautiful angel or a unique candle holder accessory, a Perfectly Paisley item will be sure to compliment any home.


Joy Of Christmas

ImageAngel holding Wreath. May the Joy of Christmas be forever in our hearts. 305mm 

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Candle Holder Cherish

ImagePerfectly Paisley glass candle holder, Cherish yesterday, Dream of Tomorrow. Live for Today...

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Yoko Mini Doll

ImageMy spirit brings happiness and success.
Discover my power by focusing, in every situation, on what is possible, what you can do, and by always looking for benefits and opportunities no matter what life brings.

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Tatsuko Maxi Doll

My Spirit liberates and leads.
Nurture my spirit and you will become the master of yourself.
Discover your inner power to lead your thoughts, feelings and actions in all areas of your life, to become truly free.

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Froggits Thermometer

ImageDecorative Frog Thermometer. Made from Resin and Glass. Measuring 9 x 5.25 inches.

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