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Christmas Toys

Christmas Toys

We have ALL your Toy needs for Christmas.

We have toys for all kids, young and the not so young!


For the man

Holden Racing Jigsaw
Painted By Jenny Sanders

ImageJenny is an outgoing artist with a breath of fresh air from the Blue Mountains. Her love affair with the Holden stems from to her first car, a two-toned FB sedan. Recently her work reflects the 60's & 70's with paintings of the Chateau Mauve XU 1 Torana and the iconic HX Sandman Panel Van. Holden Club members refer to Jenny as "Holden's own Artist". Contains 1000pc. 73x48cm.


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For the Kids

Sea-Monkeys Show And Grow

ImageSea monkeys are such a fun way to learn about science
kids are in absolute awe over these instant aquatic wonders.
Through suspended animation, these sea monkeys eggs wait for you to place them in water before coming to life right before your eyes.
Feed them the included growth food and watch your new pet grow.
Recommended for ages 6+.


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Beados Mixi Chix
Fashion House

ImageMixi Chix are Magic Dolls that join with a spray of water. Use the Fashion House to create your Mixi Chix, then dry them under the fan inside the house on the catwalk! Add Beados designs to moulded shapes to style and personalize your house! Includes 4 x dolls, 300 x beads, 2 x moulded plastic pieces, 1 x mini tray, 1 x sprayer, 3 x mini templates, and 1 x instruction booklet.


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Power Popper

ImageOn-the-run rapid fire fun!
Shoots 12 balls in rapid succession! The soft FOAM balls don’t hurt and make this an ideal indoor and outdoor sport. 12 foam balls included. The faster you slide the handle back and forth, the faster and further the balls shoot out!
It's a blast of trapped air that forces the soft foam balls out of the clear tube chamber! Learn physics and have a blast at the same time!
Shoots up to 6 metres!

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Power Popper Refills

Pack of 12.

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Lego City
Dump Truck

ImageEvery construction site needs a heavy-duty dump truck! Fill it up with heavy rocks, take them away, tip the box to unload them and then hurry back for more.

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