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Resources for Parents


Easy Telling Time Write And Wipe

Learning to tell time is a great way for children to become acquainted with early math concepts. These cards help children link numbers with the corresponding clock faces, and teach both analog and digital time. Each card features write & wipe capability so children can enjoy repeated hands-on practice!
Ages 2 and up
Contains 32 hard plastic cards and dry erase pen
colour throughout


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 Revise in a Month
Year 8 Mathematics

The Excel Revise in a Month series for junior high school helps students make the best use of their study time with an easy-to-use program of revision for each topic.
This book:
Covers the complete Mathematics course in Year 8
Contains all the essential facts students need to know to revise for tests and exams
Tells students exactly what to study each week and how much time to spend on each topic
Provides lots of revision questions and three sample examination papers
Includes fully-explained answers to all questions.
The Revise in a Month series offers students:
Graded questions, from easy to challenging
Summarised key exam concepts
A checklist of key points for each topic
Feedback and results charts to help students monitor their progress
Easy-to-use presentation.

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