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Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions

Gift Voucher / Exchange Voucher Terms and Conditions

All Birchalls Gift/Exchange Vouchers are sold with the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. All Birchalls Gift/Exchange Vouchers are valid for Three Months from the date of issue.
  2. Gift/Exchange Vouchers can be redeemed at any of our stores. Please see the 'Where are we' section for full details.
  3. Your Gift/Exchange Voucher must be kept secure as lost or stolen gift vouchers cannot be replaced.
  4. Gift/Exchange Vouchers are NOT redeemable for cash.
  5. Goods purchased with a Gift/Exchange Voucher cannot be returned in exchange for cash.
  6. Cash change will only be issued against this voucher if equal to, or less than $1.00. If change is more than $1.00 you will receive another voucher.
  7. Gift Vouchers may not be used to credit/pay accounts or to pay a deposit on a Special Order/Reservation/Lay-by.