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 ABC Reading Eggs

Reading Rewards Book

 This ABC Reading Rewards Book is full of information and progress maps that will help each child get the most out of their ABC Reading Eggs journey. It also includes more than 200 stickers that are a great way to mark a child's progress. As the child completes each lesson, have them find the matching critter sticker to add to their map. Mark writing progress by adding a star as each activity page is completed.

The information pages include everything you need to know about the ABC Reading Eggs lessons. Each information page provides a detailed overview of the sounds, skills and words covered in each lesson and each map. There are also ideas for a range of games, activities and writing practice that can reinforce learning. The whole ABC Reading Eggs program is covered in their book including the Writing factory, Skills Bank, Driving Tests and Storylands. This book will help to keep children motivated to continue learning as the make real progress on their exciting reading and writing journey.

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